Up and UP. I think i like it.

You know how things go up and down. Like roller coasters? The sun and the moon? emotions. Say the spirituality within us?  I’ve been feeling that rise and rise lately. And I know there’s potential for it to get even higher.

Yesterday I just turned in my mission papers online. I wonder how soon it will be for the call. for the mission. for the goodbyes. Now, I am watching what I do. Every moment is ever precious. Need it be?  I make sure everything counts, which it does, only some things count more.

My pay is growing less and less as business is slowing down at work.  My project nears completion yet there’s still more to go.  It’ll be over this week. The JOY! I too wanna make sure I am pleased in my social life.  I like my life.

Thursday night i got to institute late. but that was night i felt the spirit the most for some time.  We were talking about temple scenes and symbols.  I actually wrote stuff in my scriptures.  A first.  That study really opened up my eyes.  This stack of paper is a fortune of value.

So that adds to the up in my life.  something else, i’ve been sharing the gospel more.  Sharing tidbits with family and co-workers.  It’s neat.  I feel like i’m bearing my testimony every time i do it.  And just the same the spirit comforts me so.  It’s amazing.

Tmrw there’s a church ysa conference in kc. a dance and socializing etc. i’ll be driving out with some buds early in the morn- like 9 lol.  I hope i have fun. it’ll be good after working on this proj for so long. a good weekend is due.   I just hope i’m not making a mistake.  That i will have enough time to finish the project next week.

Gosh, this project. i’ll be so so relieved and burden ridden.  It will feel good come wednesday. i know i will finish it.

oh the wonderful life. I am so grateful that school can be finished, that i can be a hand of god, that the spirit can be a constant companion, and the adventure that awaits each and everyone of us.  can’t wait for my mission call. night.


Better and better and better

tired tonight.  played lots of video games. boo. no progress in schoolwork. well not all is lost. I am feeling better. and friends are friends. it’s good.

Sometimes you can’t appreciate friends until you figure out what they see in you. i am so cool. and so are my friends.

I too cried my guts out to my sister.  It twas good. we relieved our stress through a ritual of venting and learning and family time goodness.  People love me. how nice.

Oh and Black Eyed Pea’s Imma Bee is awesome.