Monday Madness: My Talents

Tonight my church hosted a talent show. I just read some of my favorite, authored poetry. I was wanting to do some take kwon do breaks, but that didn’t happen… Due to some recent knee sprains.

I got to thinking. There are many talents. Art, music, comedy. I appreciated them all. It’s good to be unique, and the differences make each that much better.

Awesome.  But which talents do I want to work on? I always wanted to be an artist. Comic book for sure.

I should just start with a novel. Those are said to be an easier form of literary creation I’ve heard, yet I know I can’t write one. At least not yet.

I have many projects. Failed ones. Never to sprout. I think I need to focus on my muse and write when the feelings there. And entertain it. Welcome it when it’s not there by writing exercises.

O! How I long to be a literary sensation.

Squintyclops at Large


Ambition Driven

A pause. I prepare to be ambitious.

Not plain ambition, but ambitious w/ action.

I clean my room. I prepare my supplies. I will be an artist.

I want to draw.

My pictures must pass judgement.

I want to be happy w/ myself.

Today. I bore easily.  I play mindless videogames. Not ’til I joined the online community do I feel a spark.

I want to make it big.

To tell my own story.

I want to be known across time.

Things to do. Things to do. I must do.

V- Day 2008

Deep inside the City, in the crowded part of town, sits a dual story bar & grill beneath a towering cloud.

People walk with purpose. People stumble in. It’s cold outside. Do come in.

With love, pairs march in.

With spite they meander on.

It’s a happy scene. Do party.

Giggles, smiles, hugs, and kisses. Dolls &

Gents make for car rides home.

Glares, glances, pauses, & silence. Those single wander home.

Gather here. Gather there. Gather most anywhere. This is the parade of Valentine’s Day.