who’s a fruity seed

I used my own metaphor of a dog and a command. There are 4 responses to a command. Say a command is for the dog to return from it’s ‘business.’ It can: go out and come back on its own, it can run away, it can be chased in, or it will listen when it’s called. Obedience to me is closely related to a dog listening to a command.

My talk also used lots of mark 4: 15-20. There is a metaphor of seeds. There’s the ‘stony,’ ‘wayside’ , ‘thorny’ and fruity.’

Seeds cast on the stone take the sun and grow quick but die when some bad comes their way due to poor rooting conditions. They are those who listen to the gospel but lose it as soon as danger comes by.

Seeds cast on the way side seeds get nothing.  They are those who doesn’t receive the word.  They are quickly gobbled by Satan.

Seeds cast into the thicks of thorns grow but are restricted.  They are those who hear the gospel, but don’t receive it. They follow the commandments but through lust, illusions, and well not the right reason.

Seeds cast on the good soil grow to bear fruit.  They are those who hear the gospel, receive it. and therefore grow themselves and bear fruit to grow more and more and more of those who hear the gospel.

So obedience is what we should want. It’s also important for it’s in our third article of faith to obey ordinances and covenants. We want to be good dogs.  Well not dogs, maybe sheep. or Lambs of a great Shepherd.

And I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ amen.