fear vs confusion vs incapacitated vs immobile vs inactive

one can seem to be immobilized by fear, however

he may be in a state of confusion, which may indirectly be connected to his fear, but confusion is caused by a sense of misdirection, a loss of guidance, misunderstanding.

both fear and confusion can cause one to be in a state of inaction.

to be incapacitated is the inability to act. There’s no thought either, an absence of thought, rendered inactive.

immobility is much like incapacitation, only the consciousness is intact.

immobilized by fear, state of confusion, rendered inactive, incapacitated

spiritually speaking;

fear is the opposite of faith. because faith defined by action, fear is immobilizing. But what is in a state of immobility exactly? The soul? The spirit? The body?

fear attacks the spirit; hence, ‘immobilized by fear’
confusion attacks the mind.
incapacitation attacks the body and mind
immobility refers to a body absence of action.
inactivity can be that of the mind or that of the body

when one is immobilized by fear, he is spirit is on the defense rendering the body absence of agency.

spirit vs body vs mind


Oh how the clock ticks

Just looked at the calendar.  So many things to do. Can I do them in time?  I am suppose to have a good script for a comic book in two weeks. I have a presentation Tuesday night.  I have a test friday-which i probably cannot make.  I have a job I missed a whole weekend of work. Why?

I am being treated for a mental illness.  It’s torture.  I am racked with emotions of confusion and frustration, irritability.  I really didn’t want to make a post in this state, but i really should. I need to let these feelings out somewhere.  Problem is I actually have some followers.  I don’t want you guys knowing I feel this way. but lo, here i am.

It feels as though no one can help.  I really don’t know what others can do for me.  I am on a strong medicinal regiment. I have been sleeping just fine.  Other than my appetite my physical signs look well. I guess i could use some exercise- haven’t been fit for some time.  My feelings have improved, from sad to withdrawn. My thinking have improved from bullying myself to being numb. Spiritually I have been shaky. Not really praying at all. Not studying independently at all. Somehow though thanks to good friends I do attend as many church activities as I can.  Which keeps me hanging in there.

So i am gonna press on.  I must do my part and get better. I gotta get things done.