Some of my latest poems

The Worker’s Diet #1

My newspaper goes, the melon waits
i sit on my hands and my belly quakes

Motion down toward the Station where every good man up and at’s them,
The good sir says “Quit your slackin” and “Shut that yappin”

Nether nor tether… He’s free.
The melon breaks, yet the dawn awaits.

who am i #2

They tell me I’m a jerk
Then they tell me they love me
I kno who i am

They tell me I’m too loud, too happy
Then they tell me I’m too quiet, too sad
I kno who i am

They tell me I move them tender
They tell me I cross the line
who am i

They tell me I’m such a guy
They tell me I’m such a girl
who am i

Sniff, sniff- OOOaaaa – I like it!…#3

Sniff, sniff- that new car smell– I like It!
OOOaaaa (that rub of the belly)- I like it!
You in my arms…

Sniff, sniff- a new air freshener- I like It!
OOOaaaa (sittin warm to the heat)- I like it!
Your eyes locked w/ mine…

Sniff, sniff- I go for a kiss- I like it!
OOOaaaa ( i bring you closer)- I like it!
Your kiss meets mine…

This one i wrote early april,

Untitiled #4

Know your smile keeps me going.
I might be down, out of luck, full of doubt,
Lo, but the thought of your smile,

O, your smile, those lips… just yours…
In that very shape, that signature smile, those tender lips meet,
Yes, to let me know, to reassure me, that all is well.

Lost Sea #5

What’s ahead?
the ghosts haunt me.
the shore appears nigh, yet i fear the worst.
I’ve accomplished much in my days past.
The days of old seem to keep from surrender.
i wander the seas, fearing the ghosts of yester.

V- Day 2008 #6
The Valentine’s Day Parade

Deep inside the City, in the crowded part of town, sits a dual story bar & grill beneath a towering cloud.
People walk with purpose. People stumble in. It’s cold outside. Do come in.
With love, pairs march in.
With spite they meander on.
It’s a happy scene. Do party.
Giggles, smiles, hugs, and kisses. Dolls &
Gents make for car rides home.
Glares, glances, pauses, & silence. Those single wander home.
Gather here. Gather there. Gather most anywhere. This is the parade of Valentine’s Day.

Family Culture #7

They bicker to and fro,
louder than when they were kids.
They aren’t saying anything relatively important,
a lot of it’s already been said actually.
This time the topic is about moving.
What is it about our family that we always argue, the youngest one asks.
“And look at him, all ….” the sister rants at the older brother as he drags on his cigarette.

Family Practice #8

You can’t trust doctors, especially after what happened.

Try this aged Ginseng root, Mama says,
Go to bed, Dad goes.
Don’t listen to Mom and dad, as always Brother.

I found a new book, it’s called Brain Diet, Mama says,
Why are you still awake? Dad goes.
Are you still living there? as always Brother.

You can’t trust doctors, even if it’s a family practice.

He’s Your Man #9

Burt’s burly, gruff, gritty; a man’s man:
He can outmatch any fighter.
He can win your heart with his might.
He can over power anything you may fear.

Allen’s artistic, intellectual, poetic; a renaissance man:
He can outsmart your professor.
He can win you with his guitar.
He can paint you fantasies beyond reality.

Your man’s caring, loving, honest; he’s your man:
He helps when you don’t ask.
He asks before you shed that tear.
He’ll tear that thorn away so you’ll know he’s ever there.

You’ve Made Me a Man #10

I kno u r dating a guy.
You like him a lot.
I’m not sure if you know,
You drive me kinda crazy.

I find myself writing poetry.
I find myself learning acoustic.
The harder I push, the better I feel.

I am not to surrender.
Yet there comes a point where no is no!

Just kno u make me a man.

He’s a good Man #11

Yes, my best friend. He’s a good man.
I’d trust him with my life.
He’ll always be there for me;
watching my back and rubbing off on me.
I wonder why he’s not married.

Yes! My crush! He’s a good man.
I’d tend to all his woes.
He’ll always listen to me;
making me laugh and treats me with respect
I wonder why he’s not married.

Yes. I know him. He’s a good man.
I’d let him marry my daughter.
He’ll always love her;
care for her and hold her dear.
I wonder why he’s not married.

If I Had a Boo #12

If I had a boo,
I’d shower her with warm memories
She’d never forget.

If I had a boo,
I’d remember my promises
every last one.

If I had  a boo,
I’d hold her so tight
She’d melt in my arms.

If I had a boo,
I’d do anything
for only Her love.

###How Light Met Dark #

Light is all there is.
Light, bright and white and nothing else,
Young he is, yet eager for more.
He takes a step. Enter darkness.

Light is all there was.
Light now knows no one else.
Young he still is, and eager for more.
He takes a step. Darkness? Where’d she go?

Light is not all there is.
Light’s dust speckle as he dashes.
Young he is, and ready for more.

He takes a TrapBox. Darkness? Where’d she go?
Light is not all there was.
Light’s rubble ruin as he crashes.
Young he is, yet ready for more.

He takes his TrapBox. Enter Darkness.

Friends Don’t Change #13

Friends are friends when you hang out, when you can joke, when you watch each other’s back and the like… but.

Friends don’t change when you don’t return their phone calls…

Friends don’t change when you curse them to hell…

Friends don’t change when you disappear…

Friends don’t change when you don’t want to be friends…

Friends don’t change. They will always be your friend.

Friendly Tips #14
(@ Phirun Roeun in response to #PR16)

The hard feelings in a friendship are like the things you find at a lazy man’s desk.

Guilt, dreaded guilt, is like that stain from that one time, long ago.
It stains never to be cleaned, forgotten.

Regret, blasted regret, is like that stack of incomplete papers, from just last night.
It stacks and stacks never to see the day of success.

Longing, only longing, is like that coffee pot brewing for another long night, tonight.
It longs for a deadline, yet is perfectly lulled away to the depths of procrastination.

Just remember to clean your desk up a bit, o too remember as gold shines, friends forgive.

Squintyclops at Large


Monday Madness: Grumpy and Bored

So we get like our first snow!! Prob the last too!! I’m talking the midwest. Both coasts got a good hit. The point is… I am a tad sick and its throwing me off.

I am sure u have all been sick before. But I like the refresher. I can see a grumpier me. I can see a murmier me. So much complaining.

Huh. Makes me wanna give the benefit of the doubt next time I see someone complainy.

I don’t have much to write. Last week I worked hard on a comic book. It looks great. I wanna keep at it. The creativity. The art. Luv it!!

Now. I get tired but won’t fall asleep. But I can’t focus too long.

My bro might call me soon. 15 mins.


O! So I play a lot of fighting games. Today I couldn’t focus at all. Its very frustrating.

No progress. My confidence goes a touch. I know something is off and get more defensive.

Ok well. I… Am … Done for tonight..  Laterz!!

Squintyclops at Large

Wordy Wednesday

I’ve learned I have mastered the art of ranting. But on a device, that can be a little different. The words cone out slower. Typos come frequently. My mind wanders as the typed pacing is unfamiliar. I find that my typed typings are always far less in volume as anticipated when finished.

So, Now what?!
I need to type more. Thats it.

Its so boring typing. There’s no active audience. No one to annoy. No one to please. No one to impress. Its all delayed. The stress-o-meter gets to take a brake.

So meh…

I am done for now. Sowy. Not so wordy Wednesday…

Squintyclops at Large

Bonding time Meets Monday Madness

These past days have been so awesome! Lots of family time. Got some late gifts for Christmas for some family. Vday planning. And missed two church activities… But overall.. Just Jawsome!!

I luv me some vday!

I luv me some family time!

I luv me some smash bros!!
I luv fighting games

Great few days.👅💋💙💚💛💘✌✌

#smashbros #math #familybonding #family #shopping #valentinesday #vday

Squintyclops at Large

Squintyclops at Large

Monday Madness: New Year’s Aroma Lingers

The basics
I AM Azn. I luv me some Chinese New Year’s, but I don’t even kno when it is this year– moon calendar.

And so for me, new year’s is an extra long season.  In Chinese customs we celebrate it for an entire year. My family in Vietnam are the same… Vietnam has a strong Chinese population as the Japanese caused chaos and ruckus on the HK bay…

So a month long of random phone calls from over seas. Plus America’s new years… Lots of introspection for this soul.

So What?
I have so much hope for the future and regrets to payoff. I a! Excited for this new year!! Year of the Ram!!

Year of the ram. Mom said some catchy rammy rams in good stuff chinky phrase last night. I liked it.

Old romances left behind. Vday… O! Man I luv me some VDay… Wow. My first post for this blog is VDay related. Luv it. I am a man of romance.

Career and work? I am unemployed… voluntarily. I quit one of my favorite jobs of all time last year. Best manager. Best coworkers. Good pay. What mor could I ask? Nothing…

I quit because I don’t know why.


Now after much soul searching I know… I am so close to finding who I am to be.

Deep. Deep bro… Ya! I kno!!

I feel like I was holding back my inner talents!! I have so much education in my years. Gifted and talented, top ranks, honors college courses, just so much umph!

I am good with people! I am a huge flirt! I can sell glasses so well!!

My creativity knows no match!!

See? Ego meets Id.

Deep… I kno

In Closing
I am gonna see some passion in my life for once. Some direction. Some goals… Long term goals.

For the past decade of my life!! Wow… I have been committed to non-commitment.

Perfect life. Until u kno u can do better.

Nite internet.👅