Monday Madness: Grumpy and Bored

So we get like our first snow!! Prob the last too!! I’m talking the midwest. Both coasts got a good hit. The point is… I am a tad sick and its throwing me off.

I am sure u have all been sick before. But I like the refresher. I can see a grumpier me. I can see a murmier me. So much complaining.

Huh. Makes me wanna give the benefit of the doubt next time I see someone complainy.

I don’t have much to write. Last week I worked hard on a comic book. It looks great. I wanna keep at it. The creativity. The art. Luv it!!

Now. I get tired but won’t fall asleep. But I can’t focus too long.

My bro might call me soon. 15 mins.


O! So I play a lot of fighting games. Today I couldn’t focus at all. Its very frustrating.

No progress. My confidence goes a touch. I know something is off and get more defensive.

Ok well. I… Am … Done for tonight..  Laterz!!

Squintyclops at Large


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