Monday Madness: New Year’s Aroma Lingers

The basics
I AM Azn. I luv me some Chinese New Year’s, but I don’t even kno when it is this year– moon calendar.

And so for me, new year’s is an extra long season.  In Chinese customs we celebrate it for an entire year. My family in Vietnam are the same… Vietnam has a strong Chinese population as the Japanese caused chaos and ruckus on the HK bay…

So a month long of random phone calls from over seas. Plus America’s new years… Lots of introspection for this soul.

So What?
I have so much hope for the future and regrets to payoff. I a! Excited for this new year!! Year of the Ram!!

Year of the ram. Mom said some catchy rammy rams in good stuff chinky phrase last night. I liked it.

Old romances left behind. Vday… O! Man I luv me some VDay… Wow. My first post for this blog is VDay related. Luv it. I am a man of romance.

Career and work? I am unemployed… voluntarily. I quit one of my favorite jobs of all time last year. Best manager. Best coworkers. Good pay. What mor could I ask? Nothing…

I quit because I don’t know why.


Now after much soul searching I know… I am so close to finding who I am to be.

Deep. Deep bro… Ya! I kno!!

I feel like I was holding back my inner talents!! I have so much education in my years. Gifted and talented, top ranks, honors college courses, just so much umph!

I am good with people! I am a huge flirt! I can sell glasses so well!!

My creativity knows no match!!

See? Ego meets Id.

Deep… I kno

In Closing
I am gonna see some passion in my life for once. Some direction. Some goals… Long term goals.

For the past decade of my life!! Wow… I have been committed to non-commitment.

Perfect life. Until u kno u can do better.

Nite internet.👅


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