Scribble, Dabble, Scribble

I’m listening to Sir Mix-a-lot. I’m in major brainstorm mode. It started at the meeting today at MIdwest Vision Care. We were thinking of ways to increase business and what not, and I threw my ideas out. Throughout the day I kept getting more ideas for the thoughts presented in the meeting. As the night went on I continued the march of ideas. I started wanting to create a publication for the office. Now I want to start my own online following- maybe a Facebook page, a Youtube Channel, a blog, idk. I want to do something regular with a regular audience. Which brought me here. This might be one of the last remaining online activity that I really do.  There’s facebook, but i never post status updates. I don’t know who would care. Or maybe I don’t care for the people who I know. Haha. sorry fb peeps. I am weird luv me or dump me. I know who my friends are i don’t need/ want a place to keep track of them. Enuf on that tho.

So what to do? I dunno. I’ll just keep writing in this. I’m gonna buy a smartphone for my birthday i think.


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