Something Merry and Something not so Merry Spoil Alert for those who read wolverine weapon x

Something not merry- I found out my comic book guy died. He was car ganked and shot.  I attended his funeral.

Something Merry- Wolverine submits to Nightcrawler’s missionary efforts in Wolverine Weapon X #16. Turns out the guy does believe in a hell and a heaven.  Good ‘ol elf.

I really liked that issue really wants me to become a better member missionary.  Wolverine would walk out on poor Nightcrawler so many times.  Wolverine only ever takes pride in killing and even though Wolverine finds his habit good for the souls he sends to God, Nightcrawler worries about Wolverine’s too.

This book takes after the recent death of Nightcrawler.  It looks back on the incredible friendship between the 2 X-men. The book recalls a moment between the two.  They are in the danger room training and Nightcrawler could have done a better job looking out for Wolverine.  They get on the subject of death.   Wolverine insists that when you die you die.  Nightcrawler says that faith in his claws is useless when talking about the eternal life.  This book made me think a bit about how I can improve on my missionary skills. Good ol Nightcrawler.

Speaking about death. My comic book guy was awesome.  He treated me well for over seven years.  Watched out for my interests, gave me good deals, and we were just friends.  It was utter shock to hear of the news.  I just miss the guy.  Today I went for some books. I was prepared to say hi to the guy. But no…..  Too sad. But I know he lives. Thank you Lord.


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