Testimony of Angels vs. Devils 10/14

Devils are real. They lurk in our lives constantly. “Error” is a form of demonic doing, according to our Bible dictionary.  But trials are real too.  Those are set up by God.  God knows all of our weaknesses.  He’s trying to carve us like michaelanglo  if you will.  Each chunk is another weakness of the sculpture.  Each trail pinpoints a weakness in YOU. it’s not the devil he only helps/ makes it harder.  But overall God is HELPING us for our “Greater work.”  I bear testimony that each of us has a place in the eternal kingdom.  A special place for our unique talents.  I bear witness that devils are real.  I bear witness that faith and the commandments are our armor when push comes to shove.  Of these things i say in the name of Jesus christ my shepard and protector, my buddy of paradise, amen.


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