Things I like to do Outdoors

So i’ve been itching for an adventure…. I want to go camping, fishing, hiking, spray on some deat, hook a worm, use my night vision.  OH and build fires. Can’t forget that. My, It’s been some time since I’ve been.

Something else I like to do is to go horseback riding. Thats fun too.

I’ve got my own tackle box I started last year thanks to Sam.  I’ve got two tents.  A nice fishing rod, thanks to Craig.  HMM and good board games/ card games go a long ways too when you’re camping.

I’m ready. I am ready.

I’d like to feed ducks and geese. Catch the bluegill for them fishing birds.  Big Fun. Catfish and the you know what’s best, bass.  How fun. Riding boats. Wading (can’t swim). Outdoors in the sun, out in the cold, in the rain. It’s all good. I luvs it.

Anyone agree?

Anywho I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve had outdoors, the great days we have, and all the fun we are blessed with out in the great outdoors.


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