Writer’s Manifesto 9/1/2009

I believe there is a lot to life.
At the very least we are meant to procreate. And then bring up our children in our values.  That’s the bare reason why we are here as humans that I live by.  But what values am I to teach my offspring?  What does it take to procreate?  Should everyone procreate?  Is this it?
It’s a little complex.  From this philosophy I can gather I believe in respecting your elders.  And well in fact I do.  It may be because I have an Asian upbringing.  It may be because it was rule number one in my TaeKwonDo lessons.  But it really is important to me.  Having lived by this over the years, I notice I tend to respect the elders wisdom first, taking those young a little less seriously.  One could argue that technology changes things.  Well it can.  But technology has been around forever.  And so has the elders.  Now they aren’t always right, but they can be.  I believe if people stopped, and solely respected those with qualifications.  Things may go amuck.  Elders keep those things that are important in check.  They have hindsight.  They have experiences that can’t be matched. They are wise.
Do I believe in a higher being? An afterlife and the like… Yes. I am an active member of a great church.  I believe it’s healthy to believe.  Should you be lost and believe you are here to end up rotten in soil, you might as well not even try.  Well I mean that’s pretty boring and sad.  That could lead to stress.  Stress is no good.  How can so many say they don’t believe?  It’s silly.  Why live when there’s an end?  Once my father told me it’s because you owe those who came before you, and especially those who will come after you.  That’ s a very good answer.  Going back to before, I could have blown him off and continued believing life isn’t to privy but no.  Elders are wise. So with these words, life is a debt, a huge debt, to impact your children, your children’s children and so forth as well as return the favor of your parents, your parents parents and so forth.  This thought strengthened my belief in a purpose in life and a grander meaning.
Should I always try my best? No.  I believe I should just enjoy.  But things require effort. I know it sucks.  But there are reasons to do your best.  It’s stupid to just do it.  It’s always easy to say I try when it matters.  It is good to try though.  You could learn new things.  You may understand others.  It’s good.  But pushing it to your best, I don’t know. It leads to less regrets.  But my values don’t give much too much importance.  Plus I don’t like disappointments.  So childish of me.
I believe things tend to solve themselves, but I can always help.  This is a lazy man’s word of wisdom I know.  And I am a very lazy man.  Helping others is great. There is that fact that good chemicals spread exponentially when one helps another, but it feels so good.   But because of this I tend to let others get my slack.  It leads to irresponsibility.  And it hurts me.
I believe that you must always try.  If you want something try and get it.  If you don’t like something try it, first.  But I also believe in research, through trusted friends and such.  So new experience overrules fear is what I am saying.  And opinion overrules experience. and fact overrules opinion.  And this is something cool.  Fact overrules all.  Should I know something won’t kill or upset me majorly it’s worth a try.
I believe it takes a lot to be a friend and I am not a very good one.  Friendships can be defined in so many ways.  I have heard feelings and secrets, trust, are at the base of a relationship.  I have heard of point systems.  I have heard of just how one feels around the other as the core.  I really don’t know what’s the right answer.  I feel like I have very few friends.  To me it’s a matter of communication.  I used to be one who doesn’t hate others.  But i can count the number of those I hate on one hand, which is good.  But I can also count my close friends on one hand.  Being honest is sacred in a friendship.  Being loyal is sacred.  Being caring, thoughtful. all very important.
I believe it takes a lot to be a success.  Success being society’s success. Family, career, money, house.  It takes a lot to be good at something.  It takes love.  It takes discipline and patience.  It takes endurance and will power and perseverance.  Wow all big words. Very monumental words.
I have been taught to value success.  Mom and Pop put a lot of pressure to achieve success, but slowly my want for it has died down.  My values have delineated from their wants.  It goes back to the debt thing.  It also goes to being a good provider to your family.  Life changes when you become responsible for another.  I don’t know what it feels like and I want to very badly.  I’ve been told that success helps ease stress.  It will keep you ahead of the game.  It will take care of tomorrow.  I wish I could understand because as of now I really do not value success.
I believe that overall nothing matters but the way I feel, not to be selfish, i mean you have that right too.  Sometimes I believe that money and other miserly things can sway and cause people to misjudge and make poor decisions in life.  These thoughts pertain to career mostly, but relationships too, and competition.  I get flaky, what can I say.  If something upsets me I bring it up.  I try to make my life happier, but when it upsets another, I get upset.
I believe in faith of the Lord.  It might be detrimental, but it gets me through tough times. When I say detrimental I mean I may have the wrong kind of faith, the idea where things take care of themselves.  The right kind of faith is to have the kind that moves things.  To get things done.
I believe quitting is ok.  I can’t take on everything.  It leads to fresh starts.  Which is good.
I believe in adventure. To go along just for the ride.  This is something that is contradictory to before.  I live because there is no end.  Well i suppose it isn’t too contradictory.  Everything counts in my book.  Regrets are stupid.  Everything shapes you.  I wrote this one down in relation to my hate of competition.  If it were up to me I would never keep score.  This is a big one in my book.
I believe that the way I look, sadly matters.  And it hurts when I find a girl who doesn’t believe in this, because i respect her so much.  And I represent what she is against.  So stupid.  But today i went to the AT&T store directly after waking up.  The guy was so disrespectful.
I value being unconventional.  So much that I don’t curse because of it.  And then I learned the value of not cursing.  You don’t have to pretend to be someone else around elders and children.  I can take pride in myself.
I don’t believe recycling really matters.  Goes back to how it’s gonna all be gone anyway sorta thing.  Cause slowly it’s going away.  And if you try to save it, it means you will try even harder later.  So much effort.  Just sacrifice it!
I don’t believe getting angry is ok.  It hurts others.  It makes for discomfort in others and yourself. A no no.
I believe being honest is good.  I am biased in being very open and blunt and frank.  but others can’t seem to tolerate it. Others don’t really do it.  Perhaps it’s because they aren’t happy about everything about them.  Perhaps there are things they want to hide. Stuff like that I believe.
I don’t believe offending someone is ok.  It’s mean.  I do it though. Then i feel remorseful.
I believe it’s hard to change a person, but it is possible.  When wheels turn. That’s when it’s possible.  Suspense in disbelief.  A yearning to know.  That sorta thing.
I believe a broken man can be saved.
I believe the world is too liberal.
I believe that no one is perfect, that everyone can be better.  This one is pessimistic and optimistic.  Silly.  It causes me to be critical.
I believe eating well and on time makes me cranky.
I believe time causes stress.  I wear a watch.
I believe catching up with the world is a must.  Isolation is stupid.
I believe that when one finds a significant other, they become an item.
I believe in loyalty as the best solution.
I believe in abstinence.
I believe the world is going too far.
I believe in a clean mouth.
I believe violence can lead to more violence.
I believe in respect.
I believe that happiness is achievable for everyone.
I believe I can live without hate.
I believe that questioning things is healthy.
I believe heroes are awesome.


One thought on “Writer’s Manifesto 9/1/2009

  1. This was a writing assignment for a scriptwriting class. Basically I was to write what I believe. I just wrote and wrote and wrote. That was months ago.

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