Oops, Irrationality took a hold on me

So I was in a funk yesterday. Had a presentation and paper due that night with hours of no preparation.  Sure I had all day to do it.  No work. No morning classes. Should have been a cinch.  But little ol me, Oh me, had issues.

I contacted some close ones for motivation. And sure enough I felt a lot better, Thanks all for the encouragement. But I could not get out of that chair.  Yes that awful chair where I would sit and stare, zone out for 15 minutes, 30, maybe an hour.  At least I am not crying or moping right.  So that’s a plus.

Um I ate, for those of you who were wondering.  And then I took a nap.  Mom came home and got alarmed of my activity.  I just sat there, numb.  She asked me to take my laundry downstairs so that she could do it.  Being a small person she can’t handle large weights.  I refused.  Eventually she dragged my hamper downstairs.  I shielded my eyes, I couldn’t bare to see my Mom doing that.- How awful am I!

Still she invited me for dinner and of course I didn’t come.  I wasn’t sleeping either, just in that funk, that state of emptiness.  Dad came home not long after.

They didn’t bicker as much as usual.  I found an excuse to get out of the house.  A local business had a lucky number drawing in which we received our lucky numbers in the mail.  I went to investigate.

I ended up hours away.


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