Monday Madness: Breaking Outside of my Social Bubble

So after much self reflection I feel it that I have no friends outside church… I do have one. A good one at that. But none other. And so last week I embarked to work on that.

I’ve been making strides at this. It’s just been a week and I’ve made a few friends whom I see a future in and a new side of my personality that is worth recognizing.

As a LDS member I am super sober, no drinking or anything. Yet as I go out into the world I am finding myself to be the ‘coolest sober’ people have seen.

As I look back I’ve noticed that I make a very good impression on others. Enough to have others go out of their way to hear my story and share theirs, or pour out their souls to me.

I wanna close early for it’s late. But it’s nice to know that I can be a big deal…. Or something.

Squintyclops at Large

Monday Madness: Grumpy and Bored

So we get like our first snow!! Prob the last too!! I’m talking the midwest. Both coasts got a good hit. The point is… I am a tad sick and its throwing me off.

I am sure u have all been sick before. But I like the refresher. I can see a grumpier me. I can see a murmier me. So much complaining.

Huh. Makes me wanna give the benefit of the doubt next time I see someone complainy.

I don’t have much to write. Last week I worked hard on a comic book. It looks great. I wanna keep at it. The creativity. The art. Luv it!!

Now. I get tired but won’t fall asleep. But I can’t focus too long.

My bro might call me soon. 15 mins.


O! So I play a lot of fighting games. Today I couldn’t focus at all. Its very frustrating.

No progress. My confidence goes a touch. I know something is off and get more defensive.

Ok well. I… Am … Done for tonight..  Laterz!!

Squintyclops at Large

Monday Madness: Luv and the Temple

Valentine’s Day had always been a big occasion in my adult years– flowers, big bears, chocolate strawberries, kisses, sum good luvin and some bad.  This year? This year I am looking forward.

There is no now. Nor is there a ‘shoulda coulda.’ Nor is there a ‘pls pls say yes.’ This year?

This year I project forward. Tonight we had an activity at my church. Vday themed. And we had a mini date event. It was super fun.

I know a lot of people at my church. My congregation is only single adults. 18-30.  That’s it. So I kinda feel like I’ve been around the block and kicking junior/ senior year as I am 28.

Idk. It’s time to be serious about dating.

Tonight after the activity I swung by our temple. Walked the courtyard. Ha! And now I am listening to oldies luv music! “👅 I want… A girl… To call… My own…📣🎤🎼🎶 Oldies. Gotta luv em. Anywayz. I kneeled. I prayed. I cleaned a bit. I wanted Heavenly Father to know I want to be with Him. I grabbed some road salt as a memento.

This year. I plan to get engaged.

Nighty nite.

Squintyclops at Large

Wordy Wednesday

I’ve learned I have mastered the art of ranting. But on a device, that can be a little different. The words cone out slower. Typos come frequently. My mind wanders as the typed pacing is unfamiliar. I find that my typed typings are always far less in volume as anticipated when finished.

So, Now what?!
I need to type more. Thats it.

Its so boring typing. There’s no active audience. No one to annoy. No one to please. No one to impress. Its all delayed. The stress-o-meter gets to take a brake.

So meh…

I am done for now. Sowy. Not so wordy Wednesday…

Squintyclops at Large

Bonding time Meets Monday Madness

These past days have been so awesome! Lots of family time. Got some late gifts for Christmas for some family. Vday planning. And missed two church activities… But overall.. Just Jawsome!!

I luv me some vday!

I luv me some family time!

I luv me some smash bros!!
I luv fighting games

Great few days.👅💋💙💚💛💘✌✌

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Squintyclops at Large

Squintyclops at Large